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Marvel Future Fight – Superheroes & Enemies United

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All About Marvel Future Fight

We have often seen that when a new game comes out, people jump on publishing the reviews are really to get more views. This is why we have decided that we will take our time in testing and playing the game thoroughly and then only publish a review. So here we are, three months after the release of Marvel Future Fight game released by Netmarble Studios. It is of course, of free to play game which gives incentives on certain things like logging daily and playing the game, bit by bit. Before containing further in this review, I will say that I honestly enjoyed playing this game a lot.

Starting With Basics

There are some annoying aspects of this game as well such as promoted tweets and advertisements on TV and Internet. Free to play games have got a bad reputation due to the involvement of micro-transactions mainly. But it’s important to understand that not all free to play games are bad. And Marvel Future Fight is also one of them. It does get a little bit and annoying at certain times, but it is still much better than most of this free to play games available in the App Store. Moreover, who is stopping you from using Marvel Future Fight Hack? Yep, you certainly can take advantage of such tools and cheats to at once and play well in this game.

You can say that Marvel Future Fight is sort of an action-based RPG game. You have two big certain characters which are of course heroes or villains. You continue to level them up and make them more powerful as you get further in the game. You are given certain missions in this game to fight enemies, garner experience and unlock new features and heroes. There is something known as biometrics in this game which is used to unlock more new super heroes and characters. This item is available in extremely limited quantities, unless you are willing to spend money on in app purchases.

Things You Should Know

The missions and chapters available in this game are very exciting and thrilling at the same time. The fights usually last a minute or two, followed by an intense action and fight scenes. The more powerful your super heroes are, the faster the fights will and since you are more dominating than your enemy. Thus, Marvel Future Fight is a nice game to play in between quick breaks where you don’t have much time on your hands. A caveat though, the game will constantly require an Internet connection even when you are playing off-line, which is sort of an inconvenience it to some people. The environment where the battles take place are repeated often during the game, which can get boring and monotonous sometimes. Thus, you will see these backgrounds getting repeated in various stages throughout the game.

The gameplay is great but simple. I am not much of fan of the controls are available on the screen, but the Future Fight does implement it nicely. When you reach three star on any level, you are allowed to autoplay that level without requiring an action on your part. You keep on upgrading your hero with new equipment and weapons and making them powerful. There are over 50 incredible Marvel characters and superheroes including some villains are available in this game which is a huge feat. During any battle though, you can pick up to 3 characters to come and play with you. You need to make strategic decisions on what heroes to choose during a particular fight to make sure you win the battle.


And if you didn’t know, there is actually a real story that comes from the Marvel comic behind the Future Fight game. Before advancing to a new level, a comics style screen is displayed stating the story for the next level. You can always press the escape button to skip these kinds of stories but I personally find them engaging.

Though this is a marvel game, there are no involvement of X-Men or fantastic four related characters, but there are plenty of them to keep you busy as well as happy. There is also no Deadpool here, which I missed to be honest.

My Thoughts

Even after unlocking the locked superheroes, you will help to play the game again and again to level them up. You will also need to be more money to expand their experience as well as boost their energy. These leads into a loop of never-ending saga. Still, Marvel Future Fight is a very generous a game and you can play the entire game and unlock many characters still for free without paying a single penny. It is also not very an annoying, continuously asking or requiring you to upgrade to proceed further. This is a huge plus in my eyes. So, if you are a marvel fan, then installing and playing Marvel Future Fight definitely seems like a good option to me.


Review of Pou – The Newest Virtual Pet Smartphone Game App

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For sure, you might have heard of tons of virtual pet games for PCs. You might have now-a-days seen them on smartphone devices too. But there are only a few games that will stand out. And if you are like me and have played various virtual reality or virtual pet games, you know they are pretty annoying and known for pooping everywhere. But what if there is a virtual pet which itself is a poop? Yep, you have heard it right. Meet Pou – our virtual alien pet, which looks just like poo. Coincidental or not, despite of it’s name, Pou appears to be in my honest opinion, very cute.


Pou is absolutely not the best looking pet around in this world. It is pretty much dependent on you for everything. His mood also greatly depends on how well you take care of him, otherwise he can get upset or make sad faces, which aren’t very appealing. From food, keeping him clean to entertaining him – you need to take care of every single aspect associated with him. Make use of cheat pou to make sure things are done rightly. You need to feed him on timely basis, keeping him clean when he poops and overall keeping him happy and in a joyous mood.

Unlike other virtual reality games, there is a lot of thing to do in this game. Pou has a huge amount of mini games that you can play right from the game itself. Letting Pou enjoy any of them will make him happy and put a big fat smile on his face. These mini-games though not exactly original concept brings fun to the game itself. There are Match-3 games, car racing, jumping and similar stuff. You can also play Pou with your friend by connecting through the internet.


In fact, these small, byte sized mini-games are an integral part of Pou and which has played a greater role in making Pou as a game a huge success. However, they are not very fancy or deep levels based, but just enough to have some good time. While young generation may enjoy these, the elderly guys won’t be fan of these, except for ladies who likes pampering pets. With that being said, Pou is excellent for kids. Kids are known for sharing the love and taking care of their pets. They will do everything to make sure their buddy (Pou) is happy. So feeding him, dressing him well and making his house look good will make them happy. In fact, there is also a feature like Talking Tom where Pou will repeat after you of what you just said, including some bad words (too bad there isn’t a filter for it).

Concluding the review for this game, I find that it is great that despite the game and it’s character looking like a poop, that’s not the only humor in this game. There seems like a lot can be done and improved in this game. However, it might appeal to young audience and some elderly females, as said earlier. If you like virtual pet games, then you might want to try out Pou.


Cooking Fever Game – Satisfying The Cook In You

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Like Cooking? Then You’re Going To Love This…

It’s time again where I am going to review a new, exciting and most of all, a fun-to-play game. Being a cook naturally (I love to cook it despite being a man, who said we can’t cook?), cooking games has always fancied me right since the childhood. I remember those summer days back from my days when I used to help my mom in the kitchen and always got interested of how she was able to cook so delicious meals. This naturally lead to me being interested in cooking and eventually, also cooking games. There is this new app related to cooking that has been keeping me busy these days. The name is, Cooking Fever.


Game Details

As the name suggests, it doesn’t fail to deliver those expectations. It exactly is what it claims to be. It engulfs you and catches your attention so well that you get hooked into this game for days and days. The game is a real treat for those who love cooking, especially considering it is just a mobile game! The game will be testing your patience and time management skills because as a chef and restaurant owner, these two things hold the biggest importance. If orders are not delivered on time, the customers will not be very happy about it and won’t be coming back, ever. Cooking fever cheats will help you with this. With many similar cooking games in market, you might ask what’s so special about this game. Well, there’s a lot of things to do here including having ability to prepare more than 100 dishes with tons of ingredients in your arsenal.


The Advanced Details

The game also doesn’t limit you to owning just one place or restaurant. As a chef, you are also business owner. As you grow, you will be able to manage multiple locations and restaurants, making more profits. So, you are also not limited to just one place and thus getting bored in this game is out of question as there are always lot of things to do and keep you busy. The graphics of this game are very crisp and are a treat to a gamer’s eyes. The use of brilliant, bright colors also adds it’s own charm to Cooking Fever.

Along with making sure things are delivered in time, this is not the only thing you do in this game. As an owner of restaurant, you are supposed to attract many customers. This happens by decorating the place with beautiful and attractive stuff, creating an enchanting atmosphere inside your hotel. The minor background music being played all time in this game also adds quite a nice aesthetic touch to it. Not just this, but the sound that plays on earning money or completing level provides a feeling of satisfaction.

Cooking Fever from a few days of playing, I can say that is is definitely a highly addictive and captivating game. Apart from cooking variety of dishes, there is also a lot of stuff that you need to unlock in this game including fancy tables, locations and kitchen equipments. Also, each stage offers many levels which can earn you up to a maximum of 3 stars, depending on your performance in that stage. While there is a feel of repeating the same things again and again that you get in other similar cooking games, Cooking Fever is an absolute blast in this area. There are always things to do which keeps you busy for quite a longer time, taking repetition out of the equation. All I can say is Cooking Fever is a game that you will be likely playing for a longer time. The developers are also nice to update the game and continuously add new levels, which is quite nice thing to have.


The greatest thing about Cooking Fever is there is a lot of content or stuff to do. You never seem to be running out of the things you could do. Numerous stages, restaurants (locations) and recipes to cook makes it quite a deep, longer-lasting game, satisfying the “cook” in you. As you progress through the game, you will notice that you will be required to have more coins to unlock higher levels. You can either spend money on this or use the in-game money you earned by serving customers.

The disappointing aspect of this game is it’s limited ability to acquire free gems. Gems are, along with coins, the second premium currency of Cooking Fever. They are used to unlock the upgrades. So, if you are not willing to shell out any money on this, it can be difficult. On the other hand if you have no problem in spending money on this, then it can make things interesting.


Leaving aside the fact that gems are not easy to come by (if not for spending money), Cooking Fever is a quite nice and decent game. Unlike many similar cooking games, there is a lot of stuff to do and keep you busy. There is ample of content always to keep you occupied. Best of all, it’s still free-to-play even though if you decide to not spend money on any upgrades.


Complete, Straight-To-Point Heroes Charge Review

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Heroes Charge – What’s All About?


The latest RPG game from UCool that has been recently released is named as Heroes Charge. Some of the game’s popular characters include but are not limited to Fairies, Pirates and Spirits. You fight against some of these while building your own team. This is basically what this game is about in short. Unlike other games from Marvel and such publishers, there is no story behind from where the game begins. You are supposedly The Chosen One and are expected to fight against various evils and opponents.

Game Basics

That game can be said to be alright. That title suits the game just well since there is not much new stuff to do here in this game. The fight scenes are okay too and of course, like other RPG and fighting games, the energy system has been also integrated into this game to promote or lead a player to spend money on micro-transactions if one does not want to use heroes charge cheats. You need to complete various quests and fight battles in order to keep the energy of your heroes refilled. However, the graphics of this game are what makes Heroes Charge interesting and fun to play. Unlike other games where the rewards are kept as surprise, here you know what you are going to get or rewarded after completing a particular quest, which is a nice thing to know.

When you are in a battle, the view of the game adapts a 2D side-view. While the enemies and other members of your team continues to fight each other, you should launch your special attack at the right time to blow up all the enemies. While some attacks you launch in this manner will take off a single enemy completely, some attacks will partially attack every enemy, causing a bit of damage to all the opponents. It is important that you build a versatile team instead of having same type of heroes. The more varied your team is, the great your attacking and defending abilities it acquires.

When you win the fight, you are rewarded with various types of rewards such as armor refill, different types of weapons and various other items. When you end up collecting one set of hero, they level up and turn more powerful and stronger. This is usually a lot better, more fun and exciting than using paid upgrades to get in-game currency or worthless weapons or equipments.

Parting Thoughts

Although it’s not a bad game, the rest of the things are pretty common and to be honest, a little bit unappealing. If you find that things aren’t in your favor, you can spend money to buy all sorts of cool in-game upgrades. And for sure, if you like winning and collecting heroes, then this game might be a good fit for you to at least try it out.


Asphalt 8 Airborne – The Racing Game For Adrenaline Junkies

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Asphalt 8 Airborne is the newest installment in the Gameloft’s series of Asphalt, a game franchise dedicated to car racing. As the name might be indicating of this newest series (Airborne), the newest thing in this version is the ability to do stunts in the open air. This newest addition adds quite a bit of adrenaline pump to the excitement. However, it gets a little bit common later down the road as you further advance into the game.


One thing you should keep in mind is that this game differs completely from the Real Racing series, where much of an attention is paid to simulation like that of real world. While Asphalt 8 on the other hand is created purely for entertainment and adrenaline junkies who likes high flying and rushing actions packed into cars. So, if you are someone who likes clean and pure racing games with no stunts or gimmicks, Asphalt 8 might not be the right choice for you. But yes, I will say that asphalt 8 hack makes this game a lot more interesting.

Basics of Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you are like me who has played the past versions of this game such as Asphalt 7 Heat, you would really come to appreciate the controls of this game as they have been kept mostly similar to that of the former versions with just a few minor changes. Tilting your mobile screen will allow you to steer your car and give it a direction while tapping on left and right side of the screen will apply brakes and nitrous boost, respectively. This is however not to say that you are supposed to slowdown, but occasionally applying brakes on the right type of turns will generate and recharge your stock of NO2. Moreover, you will also find the bonus nitro boosts laid down on the tracks during the race. So thinking you will overuse it and exhaust it early would not be an issue.

One important thing that I noticed during the first few races was that the steering was not in full control of my hands despite doing the things right. Later, I discovered through the game settings that all I had to do was just to adjust the steering sensitivity. That’s it. Setting it to an optimal level (65) made it much better and I was able to gain a greater control over my vehicle. So definitely, pay an attention first to the game settings before you start playing the actual game as it will save you countless hours of frustration.

Advance Details Of Game

Similar to many other games in this category, Asphalt 8 is no less when it comes to inventory of all the cars which you can enjoy. When you are starting out, there are a total of 47 cars to choose from. Mind it that these are no ordinary cars but we are talking about models such as Lamborghini Veneno, Veyron, etc. You will go on unlocking more and more cars as you go on winning more and more races. Unlocking the best cars in this game does take time. However, if you are not a guy with enough patience, the game offers you the luxury of buying and unlocking the premium vehicles by spending money.

In total, there are nine racing tracks that are available in Asphalt 8. You will also reverse race on some of the tracks. Plus, there are shortcuts you can take in each race. This opens up a lot of variations of the same set of location, which makes the game further interesting. The game also gets tensed when either you infect some cars with virus (or instead when you are infected) with the same. It gives a temporary NO2 boost but if you (or your opponent) are not able to lose it fast, the vehicle will explode, eliminating the driver of the same. The game also offers a total of eight gaming seasons, so there is a lot of room to play and do tons of things.

As you will continue racing through various stages in this game, you will notice and find that there are different types of ramps laid on the side or center of the roads. They are there to signify the title of this game, Asphalt 8 “Airborne”. Yes, you got it right, they are there to get in air and do all sorts of cool tricks and stunts. Doing so will also earn you bonus points and not to mention, precious nitrous oxide. However, it does not mean you are limited by what you can do on roads. You can perform some nice drags (when times are right) and earn bonus points and nitro for it, too.


Asphalt 8 Airborne is definitely not perfect by any means. But to a greater extent, it can be said that it is very close to being a perfect one. It is one of the best arcade racing games that I have experienced. With a big pool of some of the nicest cars of world to have, great routes and roads, high action sequences, the game does not fail to interest, captivate and garner a gamer’s interest for an extended period of time.


Marvel Contest Of Champions – All Marvel Heroes Into One Game

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Superheroes are not someone who who puts their time in saving dogs and cats, they are made to handle some exceptional cases and fight bad guys. We have cops and firefighters who are heroes to handle the former cases. Superheroes are just like what the word suggests, “Super”. They are exceptional and well know for fighting the evil. However, things changes a little bit for this new Marvel game called Contest Of Champions as you are not supposed to fight other villains but the superheroes itself. The game is exactly what it’s name says, “Contest Of Champions”.

Superhero games are not just a trend of today. They can be dated to as long as early 1980s with the initial console and 2D games. However, they have got more and more advance in the recent years. And this game right here is also no less fun when played.

Now, with all that being said, the difficulty level of Contest Of Champions isn’t something that of Street Fighter game when compared. If you were thinking about this, then this game might not be for you. However, if you love swiping and playing some exceptional moves and collecting superheroes is your thing, then this game is a match made in heaven for you.


The game managed to get my attention and captivate myself into it pretty quickly and easily. The fighting moves are easy to learn and all heroes share the same skills and set of moves. You can tap or swipe on the screen to execute the basic attacks while you can swipe in the backwards direction to move away from your opponent. On pressing the finger on the screen, you are able to get in the defensive mode or launch a heavy power attack.

One thing that I would like to make clear is that the different variations of moves doesn’t equate into a fun game playing experience. Also, if you are not ready to spend money to purchase upgrades offered by this game, your options really gets limited and the game might start getting boring. Using contest of champions hack however makes handling of this situation easier and can help in relieving the frustration.

Another thing is that despite having lot of heroes and characters in this game to choose from, there are not a whole of different sets of moves that are unique to each character. Each hero only has one unique move, the rest are pretty common and same for each of those characters. The distribution of the heroes is also not something that I am fancy of. Despite all randomness, you might get stuck with the same hero again and again, which is very frustrating at times.

It would not be wrong to say that Marvel Contest Of Champions tried to mimic Marvel Avengers Alliance but failed miserably in doing so. While Avengers Alliance had costly characters (heroes), unique skills and strategies, Contest Of Champions despite giving choices of tons of heroes for free doesn’t have unique powers for each of them but rather common skill-set.

You might be considering me partial thinking how if it’s any good to compare both the games. But when seeing from my point of view, both free-to-play games coming from Marvel and still being completely different than each other seems rather odd. Though being different, each has it’s own set of competitive advantages.

Although it is questionable whether Marvel Contest Of Champions is for everyone or not, I will attempt to help you decide whether you should download it or not in this final verdict. If complex fights and powerful moves are what you just looking for, then this game might fail to hold your interest for longer period. But, on the other hand, if just enjoying the game and having some fun is what you want, then this is one game you should definitely add to your collection.


Spider-Man Unlimited Game Is The Latest Release From Marvel

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In this world of mobile and smartphone games, there has been numerous runner type of games over the past few years. You know, games like temple run and all that. While some were exceptional, others would make us think as to why they would make a blunder. However, there are a few exceptional cases where it makes us say that yes, this game is heck of a brilliant one!

Similarly, this is also true in the case of games involving the super heroes. There were a few superhero games in past where the character was just blindly made to run and jump, without any real incentive. But fortunately, this is not the case with the Marvel’s newly released mobile game app, Spider-Man Unlimited. It can be said that is is the perfect recipe and combination of running and superhero both integrated in a great fashion where things doesn’t get boring but instead makes the gameplay interesting.

This integration is definitely something that I would consider a great accomplishment for the developers of this game. The game is laid out in the fashion of certain mixed elements. With right combination of speed, occasional comedy dialogues, incredible missions and unlockables makes this game very interesting to play.

However, I must mention that it is not just the running that you have to do as a Spidey all the time in this game. There are certain missions where it requires just more than running. You are given certain goals to complete and tasks to chase, thus collecting the high score and increasing the Experience of your character (superhero).

spidermanunlimited-rolfkuehniThe running aspect of the game that is integrated into this game is, I must say, very smooth and responsive. You are expected to run through three streets or lanes where you are constantly met by surprise challenges such as goons, falling water towers, things falling from the sky and much more. This all makes every second of this game very interesting and most of all, thrilling.

Apart from just the running, you are also required in certain missions to use your web and swing through the skyline of New York, climbing up the walls and doing a free-fall jump. All this makes Spider-Man unlimited a very action-packed game. Even after playing tons of missions, you will be left for wanting more and would not be bored, definitely.

The different levels or stages of this game consists of different missions, goals, tasks and of course, difficulty. As you continued to advance further and unlock new stages, you will find more of these being introduced to you.

Like most games on the Google Play or App Store, the core game Spider-Man Unlimited is absolutely free to download and play, there are no charges. The game also offers it’s own unique in-app currency where you are able to select or purchase different varieties of Spider-Man variants that are available in this game. It provokes a sense of excitement and creates the want to unlock them as you feel that you need a more powerful Spidey than what you currently have.

Now, here’s a big catch. Leveling or collecting Experience (XP) points in this game has significant importance due to the fact that there is some sort of requirement before you can advance to the next level. You are exhausted of options here as you will either need to use spider-man unlimited cheats or purchase the in-game currency to unlock all the upgrades that this game has to offer.

In a much similar fashion, you will find that if your Spidey is lacking or is a few levels short, you won’t be able to play the higher stages requiring your superhero to have certain level of experience. As we discussed though, the catch here is to either spend money or uses cheats to make your way through the game and make things interesting.

There is something also know as the “energy system” which exists in this game. It is in place to control and recharge the energy of Spidey, describing how fast he can act or run. Each run in a certain level will exhaust 1 energy point. It is however, automatically recharged at 1 point per ten minutes which we consider, a lot fairer and a generous move by Gameloft.

Even if at certain times you feel that the paid upgrades and the requirement to spend money on this game is taking toll on you, the free aspect of this game is exceptionally well done, comparing to other games. At least it continuously does not pester you or force you into purchasing the add-ons they have to offer. So overall, Spider-Man Unlimited has got it’s all unique charms and a “feel good” gameplay. A must play for all the Marvel fans, at least!


Alphabetty Saga Is Released – Here’s What You Need To Know

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Here comes a new interesting game from But this time, it is not your usually Match 3 game, but rather a Match “Word” game. Yes, kind of the scrabble thing you used to enjoy in your childhood. But this time, it is going to give quite a tough fight even to adults! Unlike the other traditional scrabble games however, here in this game, you are ought to complete some sort of objective in every level. For example, bringing an object on top of the screen to very bottom as you continue to match words and empty slots makes way for that item to keep falling till it reaches bottom. Make no mistakes as you are not provided with unlimited chances to make mistakes, there are certain “moves” within which you need to complete this task.

Now, this is what makes this game Alphabetty Saga one of the unique games in this niche. The difficulty here depends on how well you are versed with the vocabulary and your knowledge of words. For native English speakers, this game is a bit easier, at least for the first few levels. The more higher you advance, the tougher it gets. For Non-English or non-native people, this is a little difficult game however not impossible. Instead, it will help in further improving your grammar and vocabulary.

One nice and great thing about this game is that despite wrong guesses like other Match 3 games, there are no penalties here for guessing the wrong combination of word. If a word exists in dictionary (of what you matched), then the combination would turn green and new letters will pop from top of the screen.

Despite the game allowing you to have ample guesses and no penalties for wrong moves, I’ll be honest that if you just depend on your limited knowledge or matching just the combinations of three-lettered words, I am afraid that you would not get too far in this game. Like we discussed, each level requires certain objective for you to complete. And you need to do this only in specific amount of lives (also known as “moves”) provided to you.

You should attempt to try and match the words which are at least four or five letters in order to bring that item or object down from top to bottom of the screen and successfully complete the level. Don’t worry though, you can always take help of alphabetty saga cheats if you are stuck at any point or time in the game.

If you have played this game for a while, I am sure that you noticed one thing – doesn’t the layout look common to like that of Match-3 games such as Candy Crush or the similar other games from the Yes, the layout indeed looks identical to that of such games but the concept is entirely different here. Yeah, it is not the first original game in this genre but it brings some of the unique and fresh concepts to the table. An interesting gameplay, amazing sounds and display graphics – all these combination together makes the recipe for an awesome game.

One particular thing about this game that I like is that on matching a four lettered word, the star will fall down one more further, regardless if that was a close match or not. These things make this certainly a bit more easier.

Now, as a final verdict and judgement, you might be asking me whether should you get this game or not. Well, first of all, the game is free to play, so there is no charge to download. But I’d be honest with you. This game, unlike Match-3 games which requires logical thinking, requires a good vocabulary power and knowledge. Things will start to get boring and hard if you start lacking of the number of words you can make. So if you enjoy jumbled letters and making words out of it, then yes, this game is for you.